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Fucked and Bound Slave Put to Upper Floor Test

At TheUpperFloor, submissive girls in restraints are trained with cruel and unusual punishment. Once they have been fully broken down, the sexy slaves may earn the right to go from the basement to the upper house floor. Sarah Shevon has been gagged and fucked and bound in every possible way but she still lacks focus and fortitude. However, slave looks sensuous in strappado bondage or tight breast bondage with her perky nipples begging to be tortured.


She will make a nice addition to the busty sluts getting pussy pounded by the guests but is she really ready for the upper level of sex and bondage? In this kinky episode, the submissive slave girl gets her body completely inspected by the house masters and is put to the ultimate tests of obedience.


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Submissive Girls Get Cruel and Unusual Punishment

TheUpperFloor site works to fulfill all your kinky sex and bondage fantasies about submissive girls in restraints and busty sluts getting pussy pounded. This free video was taken during the last house party which was filmed and streamed live. Viewers online wrote in their desires for the types of cruel and unusual punishment they wanted to see. There was hot role playing with a hitch hiking teen bound and fucked, strappado bondage, tight breast bondage and every submissive slave girl was gagged and fucked and bound throughout the night.


These slave girls have been toughened by their complete submission and obedience but they are no match to your creative bdsm treatments. The chicks really get their share of pain in every way possible. Even though the babe’s haven’t recovered from this kinky party, The Upper Floor is still delivering more.


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Sexy Slave Hot in Breast Bondage

TheUpperFloor gives you more hot busty sluts getting pussy pounded in fun kinky bondage slave sex dating. This time, it is Sarah Shevon getting aged and fucked and bound in extreme restraints. Her little nipples look so tasty coming out of tight breast bondage and getting pinched with clothespin clamps. Sarah is tough and her slave training is proceeding incredibly quickly.


The girl’s main problem is learning true submission to her masters which is difficult when the slave loves sex and bondage so much. The masters need to find a creative method of cruel and unusual punishment for the mental disobedience. When bathroom humiliation and the pain of strappado bondage doesn’t work, they force the girl to fuck her asshole and deny her orgasm.


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New House Slave Learns to Serve in Extreme Restraints

Bella Rossi has been through the cruel and unusual punishment that comes with serving on the Upper Floor. It is now her job to train slave girl Shevon how to properly serve in extreme restraints. For any slipup, the girls will get gagged and fucked and bound. If they please the master, the sex and bondage will deliver fun kinky bondage slave sex dating with forced orgasms.


Bella gives the new slave girl a rope bondage tutorial right on the kitchen table. The girl must learn everything from proper posture while in strappado bondage, the right way to speak, how to properly hold a tray and how to hold on while the busty sluts getting pussy pounded are hammered by an angry master. The house masters are never quite pleased so the slave girls get a painful bdsm fucking.


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Slut in Breast Bondage Fucked by Master

The Upper Flood is always ready to bring you more fun kinky bondage slave sex dating. This time, you get a rope bondage tutorial from busty sluts getting pussy pounded. The master has invented a new form of extreme restraints and needs to have them tested before they can really be put to use. He calls in one of the toughest and most obedient slave girls for a demonstration.

Theupperfloor-sex-slave Theupperfloor-metal-bondage

The skinny slave girl Thorn is gagged and fucked and bound with a strappado bondage and a crotch rope. When she has been worked to her limits of sex and bondage, the master puts on the new restraints. The arm cuffs are made of metal and dig right into the girl’s soft skin without slipping because of chains that hold them in place.

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House Servant Gets Bondage Fuck on Table

Shevon has been hired as a house servant in this fun kinky bondage slave sex dating. Her masters are appalled with the girl’s work ethic and decide she needs to be punished with sex and bondage extreme restraints. The girl is gagged and fucked and bound right on the center of the table. The house masters hold her arms up in a strappado bondage while shoving a meat poker into her asshole.


The guests watch this rope bondage tutorial which makes Shevon cry out in embarrassment and pain. Master Adam puts a tight crotch rope up Shevon’s submissive pussy and sets it on fire, the heat scorching her wet snatch. Since the slave girl is useless as a cook or servant, they turn her into a table centerpiece with a candle coming out of her has. For the kinkiest sessions of busty sluts getting pussy pounded, check out The Upper Floor.


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